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This article will take you through the facts about breast cancer, including its development, diagnosis and medical treatment. We will look at risk factors and how to use this information to help prevent the disease developing. The main thrust is to examine dietary, lifestyle and environmental impacts on breast cancer.

In Your Basic Nutrition and Supplement Plan, the measures covered are appropriate for all of us, whether we already have a diagnosis of breast cancer or are interested in preventing the disease. Your Basic Nutrition and Supplement Plan will offer ways of changing habits and providing the tools to optimize the fight against breast cancer.

But we are not all clones of each other and the influences of body chemistry are different in every individual. To give you the best of all chances in avoiding or recovering from breast cancer The Five Pillars of Health provide measures to individualize your plan to suit your personal body chemistry and optimize your prevention or recovery goals. The check-lists at the front of the book will guide you to the areas which are most important for you to address.

Finally, for those who are undergoing, or about to undergo, medical treatment for breast cancer, Supporting Your Medical Treatment Choices with Nutrition will provide measures to reduce side-effects that may be encountered.

Some people are browsers, some are readers, some are hoppers and skippers and some just want to get straight to the point. It would be great if you were to read this book from cover to cover, and then make a plan which is right for you. Those who do not wish to do that, or who do not have the time, could go straight to the Basic Nutrition Plan. Here guidelines are outlined for changes to get on with straight away, providing the basics of using nutrition to fight breast cancer for both prevention and recovery. You can then go on to the more 'advanced' information outlined in The Five Pillars of Health for measures which are specific to you, to rebalance your body chemistry. However, I would strongly urge you at some point to read the other chapters giving you the background to what you are doing and why. Educate yourself on the reasons behind the plan and you will be more effective at making informed choices at all stages.




Rheumatrex (Methotrexate) Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) Droxia (Hydroxyurea)