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Sorry! The site is closed for renovation! Once it is completed, we will continue our work. We apologize for the inconvenience! Regards the site.


~ don't peg me, I'm not peggable


This domain is the home of my fanlisting collective. The name came to me out of the blue as I was brainstorming for a new fanlisting domain. I realised that I spent way too much time "lying awake" thinking about fanlistings and websites, and I thought it had a nice catchy ring to it. It is kindly being hosted by the wonderful . Go visit her hosting website, on my recommendation, it's fantastic.

current layout

This layout features Patrick Dempsey, an amazing actor currently on the hit ABC TV dramedy that is Grey's Anatomy. All the quotes scattered around the website are courtesy of Patrick's character, the ever optimistic, ferry boat-loving neurosurgeon Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd. It was designed using Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Taco HTML, with the font Kartika.


This domain is owned by Daphne, otherwise known as Daph, Daffy Duck, Poopy and other unmentionable nicknames. I'm a Generation 3.0 Staffer at The Fanlistings Network, where I'm in charge of Food/Drinks applications, and I also staff at the Anime Fanlistings Network where I am in charge of the whole General category. You can find me on both message boards cunningly disguised under the board name "Daphne". To find out more about me and my other websites, visit my personal domain collective.

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